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For ten years we decided to dedicate to us to which one is excited. Offering the best thing of our experience became something more than a work, was transformed into a life form. We are an engineering equipment in computer science who we have comprised of important companies of hosting, and decided to undertake our own concept on watch to the client. We are a group of people who we shared the same dream and the same love towards the technology. Our motivation was to establish a difference with the rest and to give to a stable service and of quality to a fair price in the area of the Web hosting.

In our passage by diverse areas of this technological world, not only we nourished ourselves of valuable knowledge in the subject, but we dedicated ourselves to detect in which areas majors appeared faults. Starting off of that point we designed a concept on watch of hosting based on an efficient configuration of our servers and an administration of the service that means the smaller index of errors. We focused in dedicating to an extra effort that a reliable technical Hosting guarantees and a permanent attention to our clients.

When thinking about which is our mission, of unequivocal way we aimed as equipment at the same idea: to work constantly in offering a cheap VPS web hosting with good quality to our clients and updating permanently to guarantee the stability and the permanent update to us of the service.

We are specialistic in the Web area hosting, like web hosting reseller and web hosting wordpress and corporative mail. For that reason we can offer to the client the tranquillity to be in the hands of an equipment in which it can deposit his confidence at the time of lodging his website and handling his mail of professional way.

During years we could observe how many clients of hosting often changed of administrator of services not to receive the suitable Hosting. Not to tell at the opportune moment with answers to its doubts or the appropriate solution to its problems she was one of the complaints more appellants. For that reason it is honor point us to be always at the right moment with the most efficient answer when the client therefore requires it. Our personnel of Hosting highly is described for any requirement 24/7.

Our task of Hosting and Hosting even begins before the client contracts a plan and lodges his site with us. Many arrive with great doubts and ignorance exceeds what hosting is the Web. They know that they need it, but do not understand of the subject. In ClansHosting we offer the information to you that you require, and from the antecedents that you provide to us on your needs we offered the options you that offer more advantages and fill your expectations you.

In ClansHosting we make your available powerful servers, and our personnel highly described is always at your service for helping. From the first moment our clients recognize our commitment. From the simplest plan to most complex he receives the attention that can require at any time.

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Why to choose as your equipment of confidence in Web hosting to us?

Our experience endorses to us

ClansHosting has Hostinged technician

For 10 years we have dedicated ourselves to create the best and more efficient solutions of lodging Web for personal, enterprise sites and applications and of high traffic. It guarantees the confidence to us of more than 6,000 clients than they accompany to us. The satisfaction of each of them is our better letter of recommendation.

Permanent technical Hosting

ClansHosting technology

During the 24 hours of the day, the 365 days of the year, always there will be to the disposition a team of specialists to help you in your requirements. Through chat and the e-mail, they will take care of any doubt and they will solve your consultations on our platform of hosting or any project Web in which you need attendance.

Permanent technological update

ClansHosting Uptime

The world of the Web hosting is in constant development. Our attention is put in being updated on each advance that means a better service for our clients. We were pioneering in implementing the system Rhelp by hardware. Today we counted on a service burglaryable, reliable, flexible and platform virtualized for all our clients.

Uptime 99,9%

In the times that run to have time of inactivity in the network is inconceivable. In ClansHosting we commit ourselves to offer uptime superior to 99,9% to offer a always active service and in constant operation. Your site will be always in line with the best yield of the market.