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ClansHosting was the creation of a group of Engineer young people in Computer science who shared the same dream and the same love towards the technology, mainly the reason and the difference that we are realising is in giving a stable service and of quality to a right price, also to give an effective and real Hosting 24/7, nowadays many clients change of Hosting mainly by a bad personnel of Hosting, who they are not described to take care of clients or simply she does not have the knowledge necessary to give a satisfactory solution to the clients.

In ClansHosting we offer powerful servers and a personnel highly described who helped it at any moment and you you will feel the commitment that is given towards anyone of our clients without making difference some.

ClansHosting Trajectory

4 reasons to choose to us


ClansHosting has Hostinged technician

For 15 years we created and we offered to lodging solutions Web for personal sites and applications, enterprise and of high traffic. It guarantees the confidence to us of more than 4,000 clients than they accompany to us.

Technical Hosting 24×7

ClansHosting technology

Our team of specialists takes care of by chat and e-mail to you the 24 hours of the 365 days of the year to solve your consultations on the Our Platform of Hosting or any project Web in which you need attendance.


ClansHosting Uptime

With the constant looked in the new technologies, we were pioneering in implementing the Rhelp of Hardware and today we counted on reliable, flexible a service burglaryable, and platforms virtualized for all our clients.


We commit to uptime superior to the 99,9%, guaranteed. Your site online, always, with the best performance of the market.